Best Christmas Ever

Episode 02

Best Christmas Ever

Episode 02

With Don Liimatainen

President/CEO and Co-Founder of Best Christmas Ever, Don Liimatainen

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Today we ask

How do our values shape what we want to see in the world?

Our circumstances can change, for good or bad, in an instant. When we have been brought low by life circumstances, it doesn’t just impact one area of life, the defeat can seep into other areas of life and cause damage. But no matter the darkness, it takes a simple light to bring hope. In this episode we talk with Don Liimatainen, the CEO and co-founder of Best Christmas Ever. The team at BCE works year after year to serve families who have fallen upon tough times through no fault of their own. The generosity fostered by BCE offers a shift in perspectives and a renewed sense of hope for the families who receive Christmas packages.

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