Episode 01


Episode 01

With Kyle Yepsen

Kyle Yepsen of CreatiVets

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Today we ask

How does our story from the past impact how we live now?

Storytelling is a wellspring for growth. Whether through art or music, sharing a story brings healing and camaraderie so that we can all flourish. In this episode we talk with Kyle Yepsen, the Deputy Director of CreatiVets. Founded in 2013 by Richard Casper, they work with combat veterans to heal from the unseen wounds of war. CreatiVets has partnerships with some of the top art institutes in the country, award winning singer-songwriters, and a major recording label. These partnerships all serve the purpose to help veterans share their stories and heal through art and storytelling. In this episode we explore the question, “how does our story from the past impact how we live now?”  

Show notes

Throughout this episode, we discuss post traumatic stress and vulnerability. This is based on research, experience, and understanding, rather than academic expertise.

Listen to Richard Casper tell his story here

Proud American Podcast w/ Richard Casper (episode that Beau references at 25:00)

Listen to the song Helpless by CreatiVets


PTS diagnosis rates

PTS and memories

Death by suicide in post 9/11 era

Resources on vulnerability that we love: Anything that Brene Brown publishes or produces, especially The Power of Vulnerability!

Resources for Veterans

Veteran Crisis Line 1-800-273-8255 then dial 1or text 838255

Contact CreatiVets at 

You can find more information about CreatiVets by visiting, following their social media at CreatiVets, and by listening to their music. You can support their mission to offer opportunities for relief and healing from service related trauma by donating at

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